Oct 19, 2010

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Schwarzenegger urges voters to trounce Proposition 23

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger urges voters to trounce Proposition 23.This November, California voters will be deciding whether to protect or indefinitely suspend AB32, California's landmark 2006 law that mandated significant greenhouse gas reductions by 2020, and one politician is taking a firm stance.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is calling on voters to not just vote Proposition 23 down and protect the environmental law, but to trounce it.

In a speech in San Francisco this week, Schwarzenegger framed the debate as one between out-of-state oil interests and environmental progress. "Now, there's some Texan oil companies, they don't like our environmental laws," he told the audience at the Willie L. Brown Jr. Institute annual breakfast. "And so I want to ask all of you to do everything you can to make everyone vote 'no' on this proposition."

Those promoting the measure – backed by millions of dollars from the petroleum industry, including Valero, Tesoro and Flint Hills Resources – claim that the 2006 law must be suspended to protect California jobs and small businesses. However, many experts claim that this argument is short-sighted and a cover for oil executives.

"This isn't about wearing hemp and adopting a totally new kind of lifestyle," Alan Salzman, CEO and managing partner of California-based VantagePoint Venture Partners, told ABC News. "Through this innovation, we are driving to make the energy, water and materials we use cheaper and better than today's fossil fuel-based solutions."

If all goes as planned come November, Schwarzenegger hopes that defeating Proposition 23 will send a clear message to Washington: America wants a national energy policy. A recent poll by the National Resources Defense Council Action Fund suggests voters may be ready to see climate legislation. The organization has found that in 21 of 23 polled races, a clear majority of voters were more likely to support incumbents who are in favor of energy legislation. 

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  1. Arnold is a total IDIOT!!!
    He did not act on the water in the aquaduct where many farmers lost crops workers and some even their livlihood and farms.
    All because of a fish that was planted in the aquaduct that could have easily been moved or leave there and continue the water flow to the Farmers.
    Now all they have are dust fields that look like crap.
    Thank You Arnold,and your DEMOCRAT friends that should not be re elected.
    Water equals food,work and progress for Calif.

  2. No Arnold,,, Dont GO !……..Love you.

  3. Am I dreaming ? finally Arnold doing something,is te by choice or regret of His incompetence as Governor , Heard waste management Co dump truch have been reserved as moving van for Him .
    And yes VOTE NO ON 23

  4. Jeffrey Hempel says:

    Arnold….. what an idiot! Whatever he says do the opposite! Worthless governor, but he has a dream! Another selfish, self-centered politician..

  5. This is NOT a scheme by the so called Texas oil companies. I encourage you to look into what Proposition 23 is REALLY about. Its about the over exaggeration of “Global Warming”. I urge you to read this article http://www.rense.com/general76/amz.htm it proves global warming has been created to trick the public to giving the government extra money for useless things. Which is really what prop 23 is really about. (It will put such a high carbon tax on everything we use that emits any kind of greenhouse gases whether its is your air conditioner or even driving your car!) With this high carbon tax we will be forced to make everything we do “green”. Whether it be putting solar panels on your roof (which can cost about $40,000) or being forced to pay a hefty fine for driving a non-hybrid car. They say prop 23 will “create new jobs”. Another half truth. It will create about 1 million new jobs (sounds great right?) but it will also destroy 2 million jobs in the process. Use your common sense and vote yes on 23!

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